“For all the couch-potatoes”

Have you ever found yourself lost in the woods wondering which muddy path to take to watch your favourite shows?

We’ve all been there at some point. Please let us help you guide through the various options you can muster to let yourself curl up in your blankets like a potato and binge-watch during your weekends!

Netflix is the most popular option among the students of Christ! Around 35.8% of the respondents of our small survey chose Netflix over the other options! 

Here’s how you can get your own account!

How much am I expected to spend to use an account regularly?

  Harsh truth: Netflix is not going to be cheap. There are totally three options you can subscribe to: 

  • Rs. 500 per month – You can use the account on one device.
  • Rs 650 per month – You can use the account on two devices.
  • Rs 800 per month – You can use the account on four devices.

For a student, it’d be highly recommended to opt for the Rs 650 plan, so that you can use it on your laptop and your phone. 

Is it worth it?

If you love watching shows on high resolution with perfectly synced subtitles, Netflix is your cupcake. If you’re also sensitive to the ethics of piracy and would love to give respect to the creators of your show, you can subscribe as you’d be watching shows and movies “legally.” The options are pretty vast, and the site lets you guide through various categories such as critically acclaimed movies, documentaries, animated movies, award-winning shows and lots more. If you are somebody who can’t decide what to watch, Netflix will help you do so. For each and every programme, it will show you a small trailer and also tell you if it matches your preferences based on the shows or movies you watched before. (For new users, it will ask you to select shows and movies to show you other preferences.)

However, if you like watching your favourite shows again and again, and are also careful about using your data/WiFi plan, Netflix is not a good option. It is costly (you can spend the same money on food, perhaps), and it isn’t as if there aren’t other options to watch.

What are Christites watching on Netflix now?

We received a lot of show suggestions from the students and these are what seem to be trending right now – 13 Reasons Why (Season 2), Riverdale, Breaking Bad, Little Things, Brooklyn 99, The Originals, Peaky Blinders, the 100,The Haunting of Hill House,Mindhunter and The Sinner and Pretty Little Liars.

P.S. You can try it for free in the first month, however this benefit comes along with having to give your payment credentials. You can use it for a month and cancel your account, always. 😉

How about Amazon Prime?

It is the cheapest option out there to watch your shows, legally. However, only 7.5% use it in Christ. Let us walk through the pros and cons.

How much am I expected to spend to use an account regularly?

Amazon Prime is the most convenient option one can go for. You can go for either of the two kinds of subscriptions

  • Monthly: Rs 199, i.e., Rs 2388 for the 12 months. 
  • Yearly: Rs 999, and you also get free Amazon Deliveries.

Is it worth it?

For students who live in hostels, and who are always ordering things from Amazon such as your favourite books and laundry baskets, Amazon Prime is a win for your money as it offers you free deliveries is have subscribed. Moreover, you can also access Amazon Music, where you get all the latest songs and quite a big selection of music. What is better than finishing up your CIAs listening to your favourite songs!

If you love our Indian stand-up comedians, like Varun Thakur, Kenny Sebastian and Kanan Gill, subscribe. You won’t be able to find these to download anywhere across the Internet, and even if you do – it means you aren’t really expressing your love for these artists. However, the selection of TV shows and movies is not much.

What are Christites watching?  

These are the shows that your friends are watching – Sneaky Pete, Castle, The Man in the High Castle, Office, Mom, Grey’s Anatomy, Mirzapur, One Tree Hill, Mentalist, Two and Half Men, Marvelous Ms Maisles, Jane, Rizzoli, Siya ke Ram.

For all the anime lovers out there!

Do you love anime but is confused where to watch it from?

Well, First of all, if you want to watch it legally then both Netflix and Amazon Prime have a fair collection of anime. But they mostly include popular ones though there are some pretty good Netflix and Prime original animes like Little Witch Academia and Banana Fish there.

Moving on to other sites, hands down kissanime is the most popular site for the anime geeks in Christ. It has almost all the animes that have been released. So let’s go through the pros and cons

How much does it cost?

It’s absolutely free but the ads that pop up while you are watching can be a pain. However, if you download a good adblocker then you can bypass the adds.


It has a good interface and a wide variety of genres. It also has a lot of good anime movies and the newly released anime gets updated very fast.


The captcha can be annoying and you can’t download anime without an account. It sometimes lags and the interface of the mobile app isn’t good. (P.S. if you are using kissanime make sure you use kissanime.ru as there are many duplicate sites out there!)

If you are into downloading anime then chia anime is a good site for you. You don’t need to have an account and you can download on your mobile as well.

Other sites include 9anime, anime simple and crunchyroll though you have to pay for crunchyroll. (Tell us in the comments if you would like an entire blog post related to anime!)

What are Christites watching?

The Shows your friends are watching are Naruto, DeathNote, Bleach, Steins Gate, Chihayafuru, Orange, Inazuma Eleven, Boruto.

For all the K-Drama lovers out there!

Are you looking for unpaid options to watch Asian Dramas?

Look no more! Kiss Asian (kissasian.es) is your solution. Though some christites prefer Netflix for watching K-Dramas, most of them prefer Kiss Asian. This website is not only free, it allows you to download your favourite shows, an option Viki.com (another website one can access for K-Dramas) does not provide you. Though the ads can be bothersome, as mentioned earlier, it is nothing an ad-blocker cannot fix. Also, the range of variety available in Kiss Asian is truly fascinating. There is hardly any K-Dramas that one cannot access through this website.

Though viki.com is an easy access website, it is also available as a mobile app. It is an interactive platform where people can engage with other Drama watchers as they watch the show. The funny comments left by the users at different scenes, that pops up as one watches the show can be entertaining. One can also turn them of when they turn bothersome. But the ads on this app can be highly troubling as they pack about 25 (not an exact count, just an approximation) ads into a one hour show. And thus, one would be recommended to go for the safer options, Kiss Asian or Viu.

Viu can be the best website or app one can use to access K-Dramas. But sadly, the collection is limited. This apps allows us to download episodes and save them for the future. So no worries if you are bored on a bus journey, during free hours at college, or even on the plane, your pre-downloaded shows can give you company. Though one needs to sign up on Viu to access the shows unlike Kiss Asian, it is 100% worth it. Premium users might have advantages, but being an unpaid user has barely any disadvantages.

Which option is the most comfortable?

Here there is no doubt, it is clearly Viu. This app is as comfortable as YouTube, maybe a little more than YouTube. And once you have used Viu, one finds it difficult to adapt to Kiss Asian or Viki. But one thing to remember is that Kiss Asian is merely a website, while Viu is also an app and thus is mobile friendly. But in case of options available, Kiss Asian steals the show anyday. But it is only for shows unavailable on Viu, one goes for Viki or Kiss Asian.

What are christites watching?

Shows like Descendants of the sun, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Encounter, Playful Kiss, Children of Nobody, Hwarang, Meteor Garden are being watched by some of your friends right now. 

If you would like to checkout more options, here are some suggestions, Kill me Heal me, Reply 1988, Healer, Pinocchio, The Heirs, My love from another StarGoblin, Boys over Flowers, Dr. Romantic, Legend of the Blue Sea, Defendant. You can find all of these shows on the sites and apps mentioned above.

Fun Fact: A surprising number of christites hesitantly admits to watching Indian TV Series. If you are one of them, drop the name of the series in the comments down below.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Go check out which option works best for you and watch your favourite series- whether its K-drama, Anime or others. With the CIAs getting over pretty soon, we all will have a lot of time on our hands. Go start a new series and let’s have a discussion on that! 

Drop in your comments and let us know what you would like us to do on our next post. 

Until we meet again, take care and have a great week ahead! 


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